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Hamilton’s Urban Backyard provides unique outdoor venue and Taproom experience.  Being located in the historic Rossville and Main Street Business District, however, does create some challenges with regards to parking.  We do ask that you avoid parking along Main Street in front of the businesses directly across from the Backyard as to be courteous the patrons of those businesses. 


These maps highlight several options available to patrons of Hamilton’s Urban Backyard:

  1. There is on-site parking in our parking lot located off South F Street.

  2. The parking lot located on the NE corner of Main and F Streets.

  3. ​The Telhio Credit Union lot located at the corner of Eaton Avenue and Park Avenue just over a block away.  This lot is available after Telhio’s business hours (5PM M-Th, 6PM F, and 2PM Sat)

  4. E-street Lot located just south of Main Street one block east of the Backyard.

  5. On street parking:

  • Along Main Street east of F street

  • Along North F Street

  • Along Main Street east of E Street

  • Along North and South E Street just off Main.

We look forward to seeing you in The Backyard and hope you understand you may have to park a block or so away.   

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